Authentic African Decor

Discover authentic, unique, and luxe African decor to elevate your space, or create a complete room makeover steeped in African design. You can find all your African decor from just one place: 54kibo.

About 54kibo

54kibo is different from other home decor retail stores, we created 54kibo to bring you luxury African home decor exclusively.

“54kibo’s interior decor products originate from inspiring and highly creative product design experts who have trained at leading design schools across Africa and the world. They are shepherding the next wave of Africa’s creative economy and preserving Africa’s artisanal heritage.” Learn More.

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African Decor

54kibo Home Decor Collection

African Lighting

54kibo Lighting Collection

African Furniture

54kibo Shop Furniture Collection – Sofas, Chairs, and Ottomans

54kibo Shop Furniture Collection – Accent Tables

African Rugs

54kibo Rug Collection

African Tabletop Decor

Handmade & Unique Ceramics & Tableware